A Doctor’s vision after 43 years of medical practice in Kenya, Dr. Muthuri reveals..

Photo: Dr. J. Muthuri at his office clinic in Meru County.

Doctor Joel J. Muthuri is one of the well known consultant pediatricians in Kenya.

He did his Masters Degree in children diseases (pediatrics) in 1981.

Photo: Aerial view of Gideon’s Memorial Home.

Having worked as a doctor and specialist in various hospitals such as; Kakamega Provincial Hospital, Nyeri Provincial Hospital, and as In-charge of Methodist Church Medical services; Dr Muthuri has gained a lot of experience in treating children as well as adults.

Photo: Dr. Muthuri at the Gideons’ Care Center.

He was the first local Kenyan specialist in 1982 to be a doctor in a very rural hospital-The Maua Methodist Hospital in Meru.

In 1985, due to a great need to be near his aging parents, Dr. Muthuri set up a consultation office in Meru Town. He was called upon to look after both children and elderly parents in the community.

Photo: The ever jovial Doctor J.Muthuri in his office clinic.

He graduated as a Doctor from University of Nairobi-Medical School as the 5th class to graduate from Nairobi University way back in 1976. He was given an award for being the best medical doctor to graduate in that year out of a class of 76 students.

Photo: A modern cooking kitchen @ Gidieon’s Care Center.

Doctor Muthuri had a vision of coming up with a care center for the elderly whose relatives or caretakers were not readily available because of the nature of their busy activities and jobs, and hence the birth of the Gideon’s Home Care Center for the elderly.

The doctor had an opportunity for looking after his own parents and in-laws who lived to 100yrs and beyond.

He has also been called upon by many people in Meru county to take care of their elderly parents either at their home setting or in medical institutions.

Photo: Gideon’s Memorial Home, living room.

This has given him a broad experience in the care for the elderly people, besides his personal interest and research in the medical care of the elderly (Geriatrics) through the internet.

Photo: Dining area @ The Gideon’s.
Photo: Shared bedroom @ The Gideon’s.

Gideon’s Home, the care center for the elderly is named after his own late father who lived to be 105 years and his late father in-law who was also called Gideon. His late mother, who he was taking care of, lived to be 102 years.


Doctor Muthuri is passionate about healthy nutrition as the way to go if we have to control or even get rid of most, if not all of elderly-peoples-related and lifestyle diseases.

Photo: Dr.Muthuri at his consultation office.

His main focus in the treatment of the elderly with a bias toward plant based nutrition and individual-specific exercise. He is a vegetarian, almost a vegan.

Photo: Modern washroom areas @ The Gideon’s.

Gideon’s Home is ready to take in clients both as residential and day care, (coming in morning and leaving in the evening) as from 1st March 2019.

Details of the requirements for the care at Gideon’s is available at the website

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Gideons Memorial Official Website 


Doctor Joel Muthuri, a confessing born again christian believes we all live good lives of many years because of the Grace of God and the way we discipline ourselves on eating healthy, and especially plant based foods.




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