The super cool garden in Meru.


The gardens ambiance and tranquility greets you at the entrance, offering the perfect country setting for any event.

Olive Retreat Gardens, Counselling and Training Center was founded by Rev. Professor Gitonga and Doctor Monica Gitonga.

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Olive Retreat Gardens provides a natural atmosphere with its splendid indigenous forest.

It is a beauty of hidden paradise in the heart to Meru, along Meru – Maua Road only 3 KM after Makutano shopping center.


Olive Retreat Gardens provide recreation while enhancing oneness and unity as picnickers, families, prayer worriers, fun and nature lovers, big and small groups and work teams interact in the process of planning and enjoying themselves in this scenic environment.

The facility is available for:

  1. Corporate and religious retreats,
  2. Receptions,
  3. School groups,
  4. Family reunions,
  5. Executive gatherings,
  6. Team building workshops,
  7. Birthdays,
  8. Graduation ceremonies and more.

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Whether large or small group, Olives offers endless opportunities for you to create a one-of-a-kind event.

Olive Retreat Gardens offer the very best in serving customers and making memorable events for groups of all kinds and sizes.

In addition they offer catering services on request and for a number not less than 10 people.

Definitely, Olive Retreat Gardens has endless ways to provide a fun, comfortable atmosphere for families, friends and co-workers.

At a minimal fee all are welcome to enjoy the facility that is the Olive Retreat Gardens.

Upon arrival at the Gardens you are welcomed and will work with one or more of their experienced and courteous staff to ensure everything is perfect for your stay, no matter how long.

Recreation Program


An important component to Olive Retreat Gardens’ mission is to provide a very enriching recreational experience for children, youth and adults.

There are a variety of meeting spaces all set in the serene natural environment indeed versatile locations that can accommodate a wide range of events.

Olive Retreat Gardens prides herself of the following spaces:

  • Main Arena

This is the largest open ground that can hold up to 1,000 people at ago. Its’ mostly used for wedding Receptions, music video productions and other large events.

  • Mount Sinai: the mountain of prayer

God plays a big role in our lives, thus this section of the Garden is dedicated for prayers.

Sitting on the highest part of the Garden, Mount Sinai provides you with a peaceful and private feeling for one to easily get lost in prayer and be closer to God.

It can accommodate one up to 50 prayer worriers.

  • The Garden of Eden

Within this part of the Garden stands “the Miracle tree” a spectacle to behold!!!.
The space is set and is ideal for couples intimate talks, courtship and dates.
It is also used for small gatherings of about 100 people such as Corporate and religious retreats, family get together’s, graduation parties etc.
  • The Chapel Garden

This part of the Garden houses a small cozy and beautiful chapel with a capacity of 12 people.
It also serves as the alter for the clergy to solemnize and bless weddings, deliver sermons or offer any other service that requires such a facility.
The space is endowed with an indigenous forest, flowers and a permanent natural river gently flowing by the side.
  • Synergy Garden

Team building has become an important part in the corporate and institutions world.

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This garden holds a maximum of 100 people and is mostly used by corporate and institutions for team building.
  • Children Play Center

This area speaks for itself. It is specifically designed and fitted with equipment such as swings, slides, merry-go-rounds etc. that to allow children to play and have a good time.
An extension of this is an open ground for more mature games like volleyball, hand ball and even mini-soccer.
  • Fountain View

This part of the Garden is like an outdoor auditorium.
It has been installed with a water fountain which gives it the name “Fountain View”.
It offers a breath taking scene for wedding photos shots, music video shoots etc.
  • Aviary

The Garden has a collection of different types of birds; they are enclosed in an aviary, which allows the birds to fly around demonstrating their natural beauty and behavior.
This is a major attraction!!

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  • Apiary

The Olive Gardens beauty could not be complete without a home for bees (Apiary). Set up within the synergy garden, the apiary provides great lesson for team work.

Guests stand in awe as they watch the busy life of bees and pick life lessons.

  • Tortoise Cage

Come learn and celebrate at close range about this ultimate slow and steady land reptile. You will look at them and just get mesmerized.

  • River Ngaciuma


Right in the middle of the Gardens is the famous River Ngaciuma that originates from Mt. Kenya forest and what a blessing that it flows right through the Gardens.

A natural River today is a spectacle to behold!!!.

People sit on the river bank, remove shoes and step in it just to experience the out of this world feeling of serenity and peace.

  • “Kathambi” spring.

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As if the wonder of River Ngaciuma was not enough, the Gardens are endowed with another wonder of a natural spring that gently generates clean pure water permanently.

The beautiful spring has been trained to pour into a pond which is home of different types of fish.

The fish pond stocks a number of fish and also adds to the beauty that is Olive Retreat Garden.

The Olive Retreat Gardens Services Include:

a) Corporate and religious retreats

b) Spiritual Direction

c) Wedding Receptions

d) School Groups

e) Family Reunions

f) Executive Gatherings

g) Team Building workshops

h) Birthday parties

i) Graduation Ceremonies and more

j) Picnics

k) Camping

l) Wedding Photo Shoots & Videos

m) Music Video Shoots


Note/= The Olive Retreat Gardens is also the home of the Olive Counselling  & Training Center.

NB: Click this photo to see more details about the counselling centre._MG_0264

Olive Counselling, Training & Retreat Gardens.

P.O Box 2064-60200

Meru, Kenya.

Tel. 0716 876 689 (office)

or (others)

0725 652 345 , 0725 651 331

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