Dr Muthuri, a children diseases specialist with many years of experience in that field, is now drifting towards managing old people’s medical issues(Geriatric medicine). He has this to say about Covid -19 pandemic ravaging the entire globe.

“This viral disease becomes a severe infection in older people, especially men over 60 years. It is severe too in those patients with underlying medical conditions like Diabetes, High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and dementia.”

But we may avoid getting infected by Corona virus or manage to make it a very mild illness by:

  • Becoming more of vegetarians, especially by avoiding fats and oils and animal food.

Eat more: vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, cereals and starches.

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  • Drinking 2 litres of warm or hot water daily.
  • Have enough Vitamin D by ensuring we stay outdoors with exposed skin to get adequate sunshine, or get Vitamin D3 supplements.

This Vitamin is important in defending our bodies against infections. This is particularly important in children and old people.

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  • Daily 30 minutes exercise like brisk (quick) walking is advisable.

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Let us not forget to follow the professional health guidelines of:

  1. Washing hands with soap many times a day.
  2. Maintaining the social distance from one another of 2 metres.
  3. Sanitizing.
  4. Wearing face masks.

Additionally, those of us who can do our work from home to do that and avoid unnecessary travelling or going out of our homes.

Let us be wise and stay safe.


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