Earn $200 for referring 10+ VPS hosting customers per month. Ultimate business option 1.

Scala Hosting is a leader in fully managed cloud VPS hosting services powering 700k+ websites from 120+ countries. Scala Hosting and its SPanel makes managed VPS services easy and affordable.

Scala Hosting offers some of the most competitively-priced VPS hosting. Prices start from a very low $9.95 per month for fully managed VPS or $10.00 per month for self-managed VPS plans.

Scala Hosting offers $50+ per sale for referring shared hosting customers. However, they pay $200 for referring 10+ VPS hosting customers per month.

Check out the features of the Scala Hosting affiliate program:
  • Dedicated affiliate manager.
  • Intuitive affiliate dashboard.
  • Real-time tracking: Real-time detailed affiliate tracking helps you understand your traffic and improve your campaigns.
  • 60-days cookie lifetime: Even if your leads don’t purchase immediately after clicking your link, we have you covered with our 60 days cookie lifetime.
  • Great conversion rates: Because of the feature-rich and affordable plans, the average conversion rate from the affiliate program is 8%.
  • Complimentary hosting: All affiliates get 1 month of free hosting, so they can try the service, experience the advantages.

Scala Hosting’s managed cloud VPS is one of the best, and cheapest, fully managed cloud VPS hosting service in the industry.

Fully managed cloud VPS hosting for the price of shared hosting!Ideal for: WordPress and WooCommerce


1. What is Scala Hosting?

Scala Hosting is a web hosting provider that has been working in the industry since 2007. Despite not being one of the most popular hosts in the world, it offers highly affordable hosting solutions, including some of the best managed and self-managed cloud VPS hosting I’ve ever seen.

ScalaHosting is a company with a mission to lead the hosting industry to the next step in its evolution and with that make the Internet a safer place for everyone. The obsolete shared hosting model is broken by nature. Today’s world and online business have different requirements that shared hosting cannot meet. More and more people are selling online, administrating sensitive personal data such as credit cards, and need higher security.

The only solution is for every website to have its own server. With IPv6 and hardware costs decreasing all the time that solution became possible. The only problem was the cost, because while a good shared hosting plan costs ~$10, a managed VPS from the top providers costs $50+.

That’s why ScalaHosting started building the SPanel all-in-one cloud management platform and the SShield cybersecurity protection system. They allow every website owner to have their own fully managed VPS at the same price as shared hosting increasing security, scalability, and speed.

scalahosting icon

Vlad G. – Scala Hosting CEO & Co-founder

2. How much does Scala Hosting cost?

Scala Hosting offers managed cloud VPS hosting from $9.95 per month, self-managed cloud VPS solutions from $10 per month, and powerful shared hosting and WordPress hosting from $3.95 per month. Renewal prices are slightly higher than the advertised ones, but the difference is minor.

3. What is the difference between the self-managed cloud VPS ($10/month) and managed cloud VPS ($9.95/month)?

The main difference between the self-managed and managed cloud VPS plans is the control you have over your server. With the managed option, the technical aspects of your server will be looked after by the Scala team. On the other hand, a self-managed server gives you a clean operating system install that you can configure as needed. Both options use cloud-based hosting and SSD storage.

4. What is SPanel, SShield and SWordPress?

SPanel is an all-in-one hosting platform and cPanel alternative for managing cloud VPS services. SShield is an innovative security system that protects your websites in real-time and blocks 99.998% of attacks. SWordPress makes managing your WordPress websites much easier and adds multiple layers of security.

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