How to make someone deeply fall in love with you. Be careful with number 7

1. Try to imitate the person

This strategy definitely works, it involves skillfully imitating a person. When talking to the person, try to copy their body language, gestures and facial expressions. This tends to create a strong bond between the two of you.

2. Spend more time with people you want to be friends with

According to the exposure effect, people tend to like people they know well. The more am person is used to the more comfortable they are talking to you. This is even common with men. They tend to be attracted to the type of women they often see. Make yourself available.

3. Praise them at every opportunity you get

Who does not like positive energy from a friend. People tend to like you when they feel a sense of worth anytime they are with you.

If you want to make others happy around you, try to convey positive emotions to them and they will naturally get attracted to you.

4. Let them talk about Themselves

Letting others share a story about their life, rather than talking about your life, can give them more positive memories of your interaction.

5. Never hide your weaknesses to them

According to the depravity effect, people will like you more when you make a mistake – but only if they believe you are a capable person. Exposing your imperfections will make it easier for you to keep in touch with the people around you

6. Maximize on values that are common

People are more attracted to people who are similar to them. Get to identify the common values that both of you share and maximize in them. This makes them build trust in you.

7. Touch them inadvertently

By this I don’t intend to mean being obnoxious of the fact that you have to respect them. A tap at the shoulder, holding their hands has some kind of magic.

The people will never forget that experience but always make sure you don’t overdo such things or else they will become uncomfortable and this might ruin everything

8. Smile

9. Tell them a secret

Self disclosure may be one of the best relationship building techniques.

This gives a person a reason to always remember you. Telling them a secret in a was shows them how you trust them.

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