Kenyan Man Who Scored D+ In KCSE Beats All Odds To Be A 5 Bachelor’s Degrees Holder In USA.

The comparison between Kenya’s education and that of the United States of America shows massive gaps since the Kenyan education system demands for academic performance or else one is condemned to fail. However, some individuals have always fought against the condemnation on the failure of the KCSE exams by adventuring into US education.

A good example of a Kenyan who fought and overcame the KCSE failure condemnation is at the US is Mwangi Mukami, who scored a KCSE mean grade of D+. With this grade, it was certain that he was condemned since scoring such a grade in the the Kenyan system of education is almost equivalent to failure.

“I have just received my graduate diploma from UC Berkeley. 20+ years ago, Kenya’s education system wrote me off as a failure because I had a D+. I remember vividly saying to my peers that I wanted to be a policymaker or an attorney.

Their response was a burst of collective laughter and sneer. But here I am five degrees at 36. I hope God grants me a long life, success, and wealth to open doors of opportunities for more D+ students.For the misfits, the rejected, and the oppressed. Congratulations to my mom”.Mwangi Mukami commented.

While thanking his mother for sponsoring her and her education in the United States of America, he also mentioned and thanked several individuals who gave contributed immensely in his academic education success in the US even when the Kenyan KCSE results had condemned him and tagged him as a failure.

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