“CAGED,” Shuttered Dream And The Divine Angle On BBI.

My dear kinsmen (Wameru), may I wade into this murky public debate which, I believe threatens to confine us into the wrong side of History.  This is because I am persuaded that over 80 percent of this community seems to have resolved to reject this bill.

I beg to differ with this position and respectfully seek to share my strong belief that this whole initiative is God-Ordained.

I know this statement is sure to invite angry stone throwers but before you lift the first stone against me, please Tafakari haya; Generally, we Kenyans forget very fast.

 Is it lost in our memory so soon, the direction this nation was headed to?

 Has anyone ever paused for a while and contemplated the consequences of Raila swearing himself in a country led by an existing Commander-in-Chief?

What if Uhuru went ahead to arrest and charge him with treason?

Are we underestimating the force of the “people Power” in Raila’s followers?

Who disputes the fact that Baba is an enigma?

Who does not know that Raila has almost half the Kenyan population passionately behind him?

 Can you imagine the violent confrontation that would ensue from both Uhuru and Raila followers?

Photo: President Uhuru Kentatta addressing his suporters.
Photo: Raila Odinga addressing his supporters.

True, the Commander-in-Chief could employ every available military might to unleash brutal force on Raila and his fanatical followers but from experience globally, this escalates the war rather than end it. Some world leaders, sympathetic to Baba would be more than willing to aid. He would effectively become a rebel and attract military aid from the enemies of the state.-Kiir/Machar style.

Photo: President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar.

The country would clearly end to the dogs. There would ensue protracted war in which nobody would be spared. 

Kinsmen, to jog your memory a bit, the retired Cannon Karanja who was then the Secretary General of NCCK had seen it coming.

Photo: Canon Karanja.

He gathered his Church troops and all joined hands in seeking divine intervention over the impending crisis of unimaginable magnitude. They prayed, fasted and even came up with a proposal on Inclusivity. They made desperate and frantic calls on Uhuru to meet Raila and bury the hatchet-if only to solve the impasse.

Meanwhile they made a Clarion call to all peace loving Christians, Muslims and people of all Faith’s to pray for the nation.

For record, I am a die-hard follower of baba. To prove my case, I had even contested for MCA seat on ODM ticket for Nyaki West Ward in Meru county in 2013.

Photo: DANIEL M. M’IKIUGU. (HSC,SP RTD) Receiving a trophy from the former Deputy Prime minister Hon. Musalia Mudavadi.

Documentary evidence to prove that I contested for MCA seat in Nyaki West Ward.

 I did this soon after I was bundled out of prison job where I was officer in Charge of Meru GK Prison under circumstances that baffles me to this day-baffling because at about the same time, I was rewarded with a HEAD OF STATE COMMENDATION duly signed by His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki in recognition of my Prison reforms -last of which I carried out in Meru Prison where I personally initiated a water project that permanently ended the perennial water crises in the facility.

More baffling because even after I was arraigned in court over offence I never committed, and the court discharged me after the prosecution entered a nolle proseque, I was none the less bundled out.

Attached find copy of the court findings and discharge thereof. Perhaps  my memoire would provide more details on this: A story for another day.

I, Daniel M. Kiugu officially opened the water project for use by the inmates in all wards where for the first time in the history of the facility, inmates were able to take a shower in their bathrooms!

The project entailed harnessing water from a small spring flowing in the prison shamba by collecting it in a well cemented reservoir, installed with an electric pump and a sensor to initiate the pumping of water into an elevated water tank. From the water tank, connections to prisoners wards and staff houses was completed. Check photos below.

This water project serves the entire prison community and the service extended to Meru Level 5 Hospital, a game changer.

It was a game changer because prior to my departure. I had commenced mechanism to initiate water bottling project which had the backing from my senior Prison bosses at the Prison Headquarters. However the vision died prematurely. Regretable!

My Vision on this envisaged water bottling project was motivated by the desire to generate more revenue for the government having succeeded in saving the Prison Department millions of water bills.

To date, even Meru Level 5 Hospital enjoys service from this valuable project.

 I also initiated one of the first biogas projects in the Meru Prison. Perhaps a memoir will serve to bring to light my tribulations thereafter and how I am managing to overcome the shock. This unfair sacking drove me to Total depression. I cried in the toilets, I cried in the bathrooms, I cried on bed! Slowly, prolonged bitterness set in. Time without number I would go to prayer mountains to plead with God to eliminate my perceived enemies. I would fast for their quick demise but the tragedy is, they continued prospering as I continued languishing the more. I became a shell of my former self! I kept urging God to deal with those responsible for my woos but instead I deteriorated.

To me, forgiveness became a foreign word. However, in my memoir, I will seek to demonstrate how miraculous forgiveness can become. A story for another day, I promise…

Further evidence of my excellent service prior to ejection from work.

Photos: Daniel M. Kiugu at work with colleagues in his dream to become Commissioner General of Prisons one day by God’s grace but this dream was shuttered.

My memoir is entitled “SHUTTERED DREAM“. Coming soon!

Photo:   DANIEL M. M’IKIUGU. (HSC,SP RTD) when he began his career.

Coming to the BBI animal, I dreaded to think of what the future had in store for the nation. Being a passionate follower of Baba, I was totally confused about this self-swearing by Baba.

Negative ethnicity worked against my resolve to contest on ODM ticket. Selling ODM ticket in Meru was like dangling pork in a mosque. Confused, I heeded Cannon Karanja’s call and headed to a prayer mountain away from Meru.

 I joined fellow Christians in overnight Kesha at the prayer mountain. We fasted and prayed overnight.  Listening to loud, intensive prayers from virtually all the Faithfuls, I could clearly tell the agenda-a cry to the Lord to save Kenya.  After pausing for a while in meditation, I could hear desperate voices of faithfuls pleading to God for divine intervention. We called on the Creator to rescue the Nation from impending destruction and bloodshed.

Very loudly and in supplication, we made this plea; “Father, we have sinned and fallen short of Glory. Please forgive this Nation.”  And I raised my voice and  said,” Father, if only for the sake of these brethren on this Mountain, Lord have mercy and treat us as the Remnants through whom you can save this nation. Intervene Lord and Grant wisdom to Uhuru and Raila. Grant them divine wisdom for this Nation to be saved, dear Lord.”

Filled with prayerful spirit, I returned back to Meru full of anticipation.  Two days later, I visited Meru town for some shopping. As I was walking around doing some window shopping, I bumped into a huge TV screen in one of the shops. At a glance, I saw some incredible pictures on the screen-Raila and Uhuru shaking hands!

 I drew closer wondering whether that was just a review of some recent event or just some old encounter. The more I drew closer, the more it dawned on me that it was the latest Breaking News!

Handshake was happening. It was real folks!  No doubt, this Handshake was ordained by God if the surrounding prayer events are anything to go by.

I submit to us that this initiative has a Divine angle and calls for SUPPORT. I also submit to us that achieving 100 percent consensus is a pipe dream.

 Students of the Bible will agree with me that none other than God Himself faced opposition right from the very beginning. His own trusted angel differed with Him and being very democratic, our creator allowed the angel to have his destructive way leading to the birth of LUCIFER.

 Another perfect example is that of Joshua of the Old Testament. The Lord had clearly set a standard for His Children. Joshua led the implementation path but there was Opposition. There was no CONSENSUS. Joshua asked the people to make a choice.

President Uhuru Kenyatta (Left) and Raila Odinga at KICC in Nairobi for the National launch of BBI signatures collection exercise. November 25, 2020.

Choose (good) obedience for blessings and prosperity, or choose evil (disobedience) for Corruption and destruction of the Nation. He then, like Uhuru and Baba declared to the people “As for me and my family, I will choose the good (BBI) for the National prosperity, peace and development.


Forks that is why I choose to Eat BBI, Drink BBI, Walk BBI and Sleep BBI.   Let’s vote YES.



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