Is the “Hustler Nation” upset after President Uhuru’s address this morning?

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday morning summoned some radio stations to State House to deliver a state address that came to many as a surprise.

Kenyatta would use this opportunity to address some burning issues which have been making headlines and first he addressed the TangaTanga people who keep on sending insults to him.

In reply, Kenyatta told them to continue if they think he would arrest them as he said he now only focuses on working for Kenyans.

A worrying statement came later on as he spoke about money laundering in the government revealing that everyday Ksh 2 billion is being stolen by individuals.

However as the interview went on, some Kenyans would start noticing the big mistake President Kenyatta had just made amid the tribal talks which he kick-started by saying its time for another community to lead Kenya.

The big question here is why would a head of state call on purely Kikuyu stations for his state address which he is supposed to be speaking to all Kenyans of different tribes?

Kenyatta really showed a case of tribalism there according to many and below are some reactions from not so impressed Kenyans;

Jerry Kituri: Uhuru is the president of the republic of Kenya so when he should be seen as as a symbol of national unity so he has reduced himself to a tribal chief should Raila go to lolwe to speak to the Luos DP to speak to the Kalenjin at kass how will this country look like

Daniel Irungu: It’s really frustrating to be in a public vehicle in a metropolitan city and they are just playing vernacular stations all through. Even worse is to be told it’s the President speaking. Then you say we are not tribal? Is he a leader of one tribe? #UhuruSpeaks

Kanda Tililei: Uhuru’s Advisors are seriously misadvising him. What do we expect from Murathes and Tujus of today. Total Mess, Tribalism. #UhuruSpeaksTribal

Sylvia Wangeci tweeted, Who Has ever heard or seen DP Ruto going to Kass FM to address Kalenjins instead of Kenyans? Say No To Tribalism

Reuben: Uhuru should know he is not a president to Kikuyus but Kenyans as a whole . It’s really shameful.

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