Survivor: Man lives to narrate how he escaped brutal murder in Karura

New details have emerged in the murder of four family members and a worker in Kiambaa, Kiambu County, after a survivor disclosed how he outran the suspect.

A report by Citizen TV on Sunday, January 18, indicated that the survivor, who preferred that his identity remain concealed, revealed that he was ambushed by the suspect, Lawrence Warunge.

He said that Warunge waited for him inside the house as he was leaving from a drinking spree but he was able to escape.

“He chased me but did not catch up after I ran. I only heard footsteps of one person. I (had) left the club late at night and boarded a motorcycle,” stated the survivor.

He noted that when he got to his house, he found blood flowing at the door and that lights were switched on. He saw a body of one of the victims before meeting Warunge face to face.

“When I saw him, I ran. I heard footsteps following me, so I didn’t stop,” he added noting that he hid in a banana plantation.

After the ordeal, he reached out to his employer who was the suspect’s uncle who showed up with police officers.

The survivor’s account to police later placed Warunge as the suspect in the case with a police report revealing that he might have disguised himself as a woman during the ordeal.

The four family members were murdered on the night of Tuesday, January 5 and shortly after, Warunge confessed to having carried out the executions.

Warunge, who is currently in custody, led detectives to a spot where he disposed of the murder weapons and other key exhibits at a pit latrine in Mai Mahiu.

Postmortem results of all the victims revealed that they had succumbed to multiple stab wounds likely inflicted by the same person.

Mental results of Warunge and his girlfriend released on Saturday, January 16, indicated that the two were in a stable condition.

They will thus face murder charges for the deaths of the latter’s four family members and a mason at his parent’s home. 

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