Yoweri Museveni Receives Frustrating News a Day After Being Declared the Winner As Disturbing Reports Erupt

The Ugandan election commission on Saturday declared Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the winner of the presidential election held on January 14th. This has been contested by National United Platform (NUP) candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine. The NUP Party on Sunday announced that it will be heading to court to challenge the results.

Bobi Wine has cited electoral fraud, violence, and voter intimidation as the reasons for rejecting the results. An attempt by President Uhuru Kenyatta to congratulate Museveni for his victory was also flagged by Facebook as false information.

The United States of America has also come out to reject the outcome of the Ugandan electoral process. In a statement issued by US Department of State spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, the Trump administration says it has credible reports of massive electoral malpractices in the just concluded elections. It is therefore demanding a thorough, independent, and impartial investigations. It further notes that those who will be found culpable must be held accountable.

“We are deeply troubled by the many credible reports of security force violence during the pre-election period and election irregularities during the polls. We strongly urge independent, credible, impartial, and thorough investigations into these reports and that those responsible be held accountable,” read part of the US statement.

Museveni and the Ugandan electoral commission will now battle it out with Bobi Wine’s team in court from where the judges will choose whether to uphold Museveni’s win or nullify the election. Besides that, the probe into the electoral malpractices cited by the United States to which they say they have credible reports must be addressed before the winner is sworn in. 

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