Kenya’s Dynamic Pop Duo Teams up with the Legendary Pop Musician Kidum to Bring you a Groovy Pop Single titled ‘Why Lie’

kenya’s dynamic pop duo teams up with the legendary pop musician Kidum to bring you a groovy pop single titled Why Lie

‘Why Lie ’ is a song that has the artists talk about mistrust in relationships . The lyrics are well arranged in the context of rhyme and flow. The lyrics also provide us with a catchy and simple yet beautiful hook, “I don’t lie, Why Lie.”

The song is a beautiful fusion of Afropop and kapuka genres. It is well-paced making it danceable and in the same beat nice to chill to. There is a distant sound of the Coastal horns in the instrumentation.The vocals are well laid down and seamlessly marry into each other and the instrumentation.

The video is a clean and crisp shot from beginning to end. The director made use of a lot of natural light and in a few scenes, the director captures beautiful outdoor sceneries. Everyone in the video blends into the shots with their clothing very well. It is a simple video and has most of the scenes with the duo and kidum dancing and acting

This is definitely a dynamic duo that is just getting started. Catch a vibe with Alphajiri and Kidum on ‘Why Lie ’.

Watch The Song Here:

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