I’m not good at showing it!?
I don’t know,
It’s all confusion inside my head.
I know I love her.
I’m always here.
Or what more?

I love her.
Yes, I do.
I promise it.
I show it.
She has my heart.
Or what more?

Her daughter,
My source of happiness.
I just want to be a dad.
She ain’t mine.
I want to be there.
Is that not more?

Tears roll my cheeks.
The doubts.
Am I trusted?
The question always running my thoughts.
Is she mine?
Am I hers?

I’m happy,
To have her.
I want to be her’s.
Forever is all I think of.
Just us two.
May that be our more?

I love her.
Wish I had a best way.
A best way of showing it.
Wish I could do more.
I want to make her happy.
What more?

©️Vickie TheePoet

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