Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System

As time continues to move forward and technology continues to change and grow, we as designers find ourselves having to stay on top of all of these trends on a day to day basis. The web is always changing and new elements are always emerging.

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With Modern Web Design we find ourselves using more flat and clean techniques. Some techniques being used are large typography, large & responsive hero images, background videos, flat design, hamburger menus, & giant product images. Large typography helps to get the message across easier and gives the designer flexibility to mess with the type hierarchy and show the importance of certain words and phrases.

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Large & Responsive Hero images capture the user’s eye as soon as they arrive to your website; so think of it as being your website’s first impression.

Video backgrounds are starting to be used more as video in social media and everywhere else continues to grow. It is starting to be more appealing for users to view a quick video rather than having to read paragraphs of text and so forth.

Flat design has evolved and not only has it made design in general clean and modern, but it also has helped with load time on websites making those websites who practice this load faster.

Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System

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