WHY KEO (Kenya Ebay Orders) IS A SCAM!

After a long run with online platforms claim affiliation to Amazon and other online stores, a new platform just arrived. Kenya Ebay Orders, KEO probably run by Kenyans, was launched about not less than a week ago. It’s probably a scheme by Kenyans who fell prey to RichKash, Amazon Web Workers, Cash 24h, Kubwa and other platforms to recover their lost money.

Here are some reasons why you should stay away from KEO:

1. The one thousand credited to your account disappears within a day. After joining the platform you’re awarded one though shillings that enables you to make orders on level VIP0. You’ll just make one order on your joining date and the next day you’re forced to make a recharge so as to continue making orders. This is probably a scam after you recharge you might never be able to withdraw again.

2. Slow servers, the website has the worst loading speeds. You have to wait for more than thirty seconds for your login page to load.

3. They simply converted the website to an app. The app still displays the pop up for downloading the app it has no difference with the website.

4. It has lots of coding errors and spelling errors. This shows that the owners were in a rush to build an app just to make profit. There’s no perfection.

5. The base code is copied from RichKash and KubwaKe. Again showing it was just build for profit, no creativity.

You all should be on the watch out for such schemes. This is sure not the first and it won’t be the last. Be careful out here, don’t let desperation make you lose your money. All the certificates indicating that the businesses are affiliated to Amazon or other online stores are forged.

4 thoughts on “WHY KEO (Kenya Ebay Orders) IS A SCAM!

  1. These guys are thieves and they should know that their days are numbered, taking money from poor Kenyans in the name of investment, they tell to grab and after earning the commission withdraw becames another big problem, shame on them

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