Top Government Officials Who Attended Ruto’s Tour In Meru County

At the Kinoru Primary School grounds, North Imenti, Meru County Kenya deputy president William Ruto to congratulated The Very Rev. Canon David Muuro Nkaabu as the third Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Meru.

At A.I.P.C.A, St. Lorent Angaine Church – Timau, Buuri constituency, Meru County and later acknowledged greetings from Timau residents.

Leaders present – Mugambi Rindikiri, Mithika Linturi, Kubai Iringo, John Mutunga, Moses Kirima, Mathias Robi, Charity Chepkwony, Victor Munyaka and several MCAs.

Creating a favorable investment climate will make businesses flourish and millions of jobs generated.

This will in turn raise more tax revenues to support the government’s development agenda and cushion Kenya against the exorbitant foreign debts.

The revolutionary Bottom-Up Development Plan commits to leaving no one behind in its economic reconfiguration journey of our country.

It incorporates even the marginalized voices, expertise, and leadership in its workings as part of the broad, inclusive and sustainable efforts to uplift the millions of poor Kenyans struggling to make a living.

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