Bright but needy boy seeks financial aid to join UoN NICHOLAS MWENDA FUND APPEAL. Video by Weru TV. Nicholas Mwenda Murithi scored an A-(minus) in the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam despite financial challenges due to his poor family background.Murithi, despite a balance of over Sh30,000 in his secondary school, was hoping to join the university of his choice, but his career … Continue reading Bright but needy boy seeks financial aid to join UoN

200 words of managing your time

Good time management is a prerequisite for success in life.Succesful career people take pride in their excellent time management skills.They have mastered the art of planning,organising,taking action and achieving within the right time frame.They understand that to succeed one must be a master rather than a slave of time. Critical time management skills maybe the … Continue reading 200 words of managing your time

When love is blind

When two persons are infituated with each other, the whole attention is absorbed,reason blinded and the judgement overthrown. They will not submit to any advice or control but they will insist on their own way regardless of the consequences. Love is a sentiment so sacred but only a few know this.Its a term used: but … Continue reading When love is blind

Life is not one sweet Song

When you make mistakes,you shouldn't be bitter,engage in self-blame and have regrets written all over the face .When it happens,there is nothing you can do about it.The most important but thing is that you should learn from your mistakes.If it's your best Friend who put you in trouble ,then you should avoid trusting anyone. Once … Continue reading Life is not one sweet Song

Fruits in a fruit

Who doesn't love avocado?The green fruit is not only good for eating but also for beauty purpose.You will find avocado listed in many types of creams masks,moisturises and even sunscreens There are reasons why avocado are incorporated into beauty products.Many famous actresses say that they regularly use avocado oil to keep their skin and hair … Continue reading Fruits in a fruit

Karatina university – green est university.

On the slopes of the highest mountain in Kenya --Mt.kenya there lies a great and the greenest university in Kenya . Located in a scerene environment,karatina university is provides a conduncive environment for studies. Formerly the institution was a Moi campus branch but was latter chartered by His Excellency Emilio mwai kibaki before ascending down … Continue reading Karatina university – green est university.

Desire to escape the “I”

"I" am in a tomb but not dead. My life is filled with endless cups of soups and striking sticks. All the sticks are alike and the pain unbearable. The sticks are falling in my back with the same sound .The pain doesn't impress me. How long should i prolong this suffering? Will I recover … Continue reading Desire to escape the “I”