I'm not good at showing it!?I don't know,It's all confusion inside my head.I know I love her.I'm always here.Or what more?I love her.Yes, I do.I promise it.I show it.She has my heart.Or what more?Her daughter,My source of happiness.I just want to be a dad.She ain't mine.I want to be there.Is that not more?Tears roll my … Continue reading READ ME LIKE A BOOK!

Kenya’s Dynamic Pop Duo Teams up with the Legendary Pop Musician Kidum to Bring you a Groovy Pop Single titled ‘Why Lie’

‘Why Lie ’ is a song that has the artists talk about mistrust in relationships . The lyrics are well arranged in the context of rhyme and flow. The lyrics also provide us with a catchy and simple yet beautiful hook, “I don't lie, Why Lie.” The song is a beautiful fusion of Afropop and … Continue reading Kenya’s Dynamic Pop Duo Teams up with the Legendary Pop Musician Kidum to Bring you a Groovy Pop Single titled ‘Why Lie’

The Era of Online Businesses? (Rich Kash)

Recently, some money-making apps have become more and more popular on social media. However, many people are even deceived when using some applications. Just like Tiktokcash. Until the latest appeared, the Rich Kash App. Rich Kash App is the latest application, it promises to earn a certain amount of revenue based on the number of … Continue reading The Era of Online Businesses? (Rich Kash)


No calls No texts No emails You never check up My contacts make sense more I guess we losing it I reminisce on the late texts The night talks that got us burning They all memories now Nightmares haunting the night You ghosts chasing after me It's all silent now Attention you said I couldn't … Continue reading THE LOUDNESS IN SILENCE


Hello,my name is OLIVE WAMBUI MUGAMBI. My 6 year old daughter will be going to Spain to defend Kenya's World Championship Title at THE LITTLE MISS AND MISTER WORLD. 6 YEAR OLD SHAMMAH LINDSEY WAMBUI MUGAMBI Is the first child of three. She survived depression that came about from seeing her mother being constantly beaten … Continue reading SUPPORT LINDSEY; LINDSEY TO SPAIN


THE FACE OF AN ASSASSIN. “What if we all woke up and found out that which is alien has become familiar and the familiar has been shrouded in mystery? The faces change with passing years; the heart remains constant.” These were the first words out of Tom’s mouth and he could hardly wait to say … Continue reading THE FACE OF AN ASSASSIN BY RASHID HUNT

IT’S LIFE (Si Ni Life Tu)

Have you ever gotten a perfect way to describe it? A way that can make everyone wanna live it Do you appreciate how you're living now? Is it what you always wanted? Or did you know that's how the world is before birth? Wish we all knew No one knows No one gets to choose … Continue reading IT’S LIFE (Si Ni Life Tu)


Sadness! The biggest killer behind my smile A bitter me covered in sweetness Greatness pulled down in silence A believer martyred by his own beliefs Struggling in despair to hide it I can't The tear too bitter It's irritating my inner eye A mist of peppered feelings blinding my eyes Bitterness moulding around my heart … Continue reading DEPRESSION (Sadness)


Love is journey But ours is a destination We have traveled through all ups and downs Here we're now, Celebrating a year down It's like a decade to me Showered with unfailing love A love very consistent, Everyday when I wake up, You by my side. And every night you there shining through the darkness. … Continue reading LOVE JOURNEY


Blinded by his richness Confused by his smile Sweet words from his serpent tongue Promised you a "forever" You loved him With heart and soul You trusted him Gave him your dignity Calling him Mr. Right Right at the wrong time Bragged to your friends With his face covering your albums He got you in … Continue reading USED


I dream of better days Days when we'll all be having a uniform face A face of smiles Days when we would be no hate Just friendship Days when we'll all have respect for each other And forget all the ethnic differences I dream of better days Days when corruption won't be a bother Trustworthy … Continue reading BETTER DAYS


Eugene Bii Allow me stand, Stand firm and protect you You that is a shade when sun scorches You that holds firm the soil You that breaks wind Allow me stand with you that will consume the carbon dioxide emissions Allow me flow, Flow with you that quenches thirst Flow with you that irrigates plantations … Continue reading WE’RE THE SPICE WARRIORS. WE’RE ON AN ENVIRONMENTAL WAR.


It's a letter, For your heart to always read later, My love with you is always spelled better, Life is a track with me and you as the sprinter, I let you fly to my heart as a dove, And let my life feel the true love, Haters will always try to make it tough, … Continue reading HEART TO HEART