Art by: III

It’s a letter,
For your heart to always read later,
My love with you is always spelled better,
Life is a track with me and you as the sprinter,

I let you fly to my heart as a dove,
And let my life feel the true love,
Haters will always try to make it tough,
But their gossip to break us will never be enough,

You showed me the meaning of life,
When all I knew was strife,
I feel myself at rest,
Knowing that I now got the best,

Babe I’ll never think of leaving,
Unless I lost the meaning of living,
To only you my heart is sticking,
Even when I feel everything is sinking,

You the most beautiful,
Even when I try separating the word your beauty is still full,
Or maybe I’m a beauty fool?
But no, I guess you make me a cutey too,

I don’t know whether to call this a dedication,
But it’s an ‘us forever’ writing of prediction,
Me and you bring out true Love’s indication,
And the picture of love we bring to perfection,

I got more than I can put on paper,
Let my actions explain it better,
With you I’m really blest,
And all I wanna see is us to the crest,

©Vickie TheePoet


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