The super cool garden in Meru.

  The gardens ambiance and tranquility greets you at the entrance, offering the perfect country setting for any event. Olive Retreat Gardens, Counselling and Training Center was founded by Rev. Professor Gitonga and Doctor Monica Gitonga. Olive Retreat Gardens provides a natural atmosphere with its splendid indigenous forest. It is a beauty of hidden paradise in … Continue reading The super cool garden in Meru.


BACKGROUND OCTC opened her doors in 2005 having been fully registered as a Counselling and Training Center by the professional regulatory body, the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association (KCPA). OCTC enjoys the support of/and works closely with a professional team of medical doctors, social workers, clinical psychologists and pastors. VISION Olive Counselling and Training Center envisions a people informed, … Continue reading OLIVE COUNSELLING AND TRAINING CENTER.


THE FACE OF AN ASSASSIN. “What if we all woke up and found out that which is alien has become familiar and the familiar has been shrouded in mystery? The faces change with passing years; the heart remains constant.” These were the first words out of Tom’s mouth and he could hardly wait to say … Continue reading THE FACE OF AN ASSASSIN BY RASHID HUNT


Sadness! The biggest killer behind my smile A bitter me covered in sweetness Greatness pulled down in silence A believer martyred by his own beliefs Struggling in despair to hide it I can't The tear too bitter It's irritating my inner eye A mist of peppered feelings blinding my eyes Bitterness moulding around my heart … Continue reading DEPRESSION (Sadness)

5 Masculine Lessons learnt by Pastor Abraham for the past 10 years in marriage.

I write all this in reference to a sermon by Pastor Abraham Nkanata, that I had attended recently, while he officiated the wedding of Mr and Mrs Henry Mwirigi at Newbirth Covenant Church. Meru-Kenya. There are 3 types of wisdom. 1. Wisdom acquired while growing.. The wisdom on how to survive in the general life set … Continue reading 5 Masculine Lessons learnt by Pastor Abraham for the past 10 years in marriage.